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It is a free booklet, sponsored through the advertisers. Distribution is scheduled on a monthly basis for Beginning of the month. We design a 3D digital magazine monthly instead of publishing paper.  We have a digital workable magazine that is downloadable in pdf. format. We are always finding new way to be modern and eco-friendly.

Welcome to our business guide

Business Guide distribution is the proven medium used to reach your particular target market directly. More and more advertisers realize the benefits and make use of the advantages of direct distribution.
You need to advertise your products and services to introduce your business to people. This is true for the corner retail store and the shopping mall, the bank and the insurance company; in fact, any business wanting to effectively reach its potential clients.
We know your clients; we know where they work and where they live. So what better way is there to market your products to these customers than direct marketing

By utilizing our sample and pamphlet distribution services you can be assured of accurate and cost effective market penetration. There is no better way than delivering your message direct to their homes. 

Meet your customers. They’re doctors, lawyers, engineers and professionals. They’re also waiters, tradesman, housewives and entertainers. From the most affluent suburbs to salt-of-the-earth working class neighbourhoods, we know how to identify the segments you need to market to. And we can reach them right where they live or work. 

DIE KUDUTJIE basic pricelist

3D Digital Magazine

Social Media Management

October 2020 3D Digital magazine Edition

Sizing samples: Front & Back full colour pages Printed

We provide adverts in A4 Full sizes colour, Half Page, Quarter Pages. If you do not have artwork, we can help you create it.

Sizing samples: Inside front & back Quarter & Half colour pages


Fight the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus
Fight the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus