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Die Kudutjie is an A4, Black & White advertising booklet or business guide that is specifically designed to offer all businesses small and large, the opportunity to effectively advertise their services, products and specials at an affordable rate! Our rates are kept low by printing only in B/W. You can request to have your ad printed in colour, baring in mind that the print cost therefore would carry an additional fee. We currently print 1500 business guides and distribute trought out Graaff-Reinet Horse shoe, Businesses and Factory area. All Business guides are shared on our Social media platforms and emailers.

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  • Business Guide Adverts

    • Digital Magazine will run a 3 week campaigns on Social media (Facebook & Instagram)
    • Currently our FB footprint is at 89% local and surrounding areas.
    • Monthly E-mailer to data base.
    • Monthly WhatsApp campaign.
    • Monthly Messenger campaign.
    • Spar TV adverts running in 5 min increments for the whole month.
    • Basic design included, Special design work at R250 an hour extra.
    • Loaded on Die Kudutjie website.
    • Individual Adverts will be posted daily on the Kudutjie Facebook page.
    • Extra boost post for individual adverts are available at extra cost to Facebook or Instagram ,managed by Karoo Marketing & feedback given monthly.
    • Extra service we can offer is to manage your Facebook page or both Facebook and Instagram for you at a monthly cost. This cost is separate from advertising in Die Kudutjie Digital Magazine!
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